Subtle Touches That Can Transform Your Home

frameless shower enclosure

As the housing market continues to burn brightly here in Utah, many people are considering ways they can increase the value of their homes through remodeling. Naturally, how much you recoup in construction costs depends on how extensive you plan to go. Recent studies show that in some cases, major kitchen remodeling only nets about 50% of the cost of investment.

This might put off some who have been stoking their excitement to grab a hammer or a paintbrush and get their hands dirty. Luckily, not every meaningful change needs to include a major overhaul of the plumbing or the floorplan. Some great additions can come from a few simple, relatively inexpensive touches.

As the premier experts for Utah’s shower enclosures and window installations, we have a thought or two on how glass can transform your home while sparing you from becoming house poor.

The Bathroom

Whether it’s an office, a classroom, a church, or a bedroom, there isn’t a single type of space that doesn’t benefit from installing glass. And yet, when it comes to bathrooms, many fear that more glass means less privacy. Happily, we can tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice one in deference to the other. 

Glass not only makes your bathroom feel bright and modern but also increases one’s sense of space, which is tremendously important in traditionally small areas like bathrooms. Typically, our team is called on to renovate the restroom in a few distinct ways:

  • Shower Enclosures: As time has gone on, the tub/shower combo has begun to fall out of fashion, being replaced by frameless shower enclosures with crystalline glass walls. They look beautiful, discourage mildew growth, and can often save space in the room.
  • Vanities: Redoing (or adding) a vanity gives the space an increased sense of functionality. You will have an easier time getting ready and might even have more fun, too.
  • New Window Installations: A bathroom is like any other room in the house — it needs light and access to fresh air. We can install glass panels of varying translucence or design, according to your preferences.

The Kitchen

Many have called the kitchen the most important room in the house. It is where families gather and memories are made. It’s also where many people go to feel happy, as cooking and eating good food releases endorphins in your brain that can combat depression and lethargy.

Shouldn’t a room like this feel less closed in, less oppressive? Many times we have been hired to install a mirror above a dinette set or redo the glass inlays of a coffee table, but as with a bathroom, a few of our services get requested more than all the others.

  • Custom Glass Cabinetry: Perhaps your dishes are bright and cheerful or you’ve been handed down some exquisite heirloom china. Or maybe you simply like the aesthetic of seeing all your dishware stacked nicely in their cupboards. Either way, glass cabinetry is an elegant choice for a modern, more open kitchen.
  • New Glass Doors: Kitchens have the distinct honor of not only being a gathering place for the whole family but it is usually a major thoroughfare, too. Doors leading outside, or to the kitchen, or to the living room all branch out from the kitchen, and so many have chosen to inlay glass into their doors to add a touch of continuity between the rooms. Whether the doors are French or in a pocket enclosure, we can ensure the glass is beautiful.

The Bedroom

If there’s one place where you should always feel comfortable and at peace, it’s the bedroom. Traditionally, even people who long for the safety of an enclosed space won’t feel happy without a sense of openness. By providing touch but clear window installations for Utah homes, Smitty’s helps every bedroom feel simultaneously safe and open. 

All of the examples we’ve used thus far can be leveraged in a bedroom, from custom glass cabinetry to beautiful vanities and doorways. One subtle touch that can transform a bedroom is installing transoms above each door. We can help with that.

If you are curious about how we can make your bedroom. or indeed any room in your home feel brighter, simply call us for a consultation. We can make your dream project a reality.