More than Just a Mirror

A mirror is more than a reflective surface used to check one’s appearance— Surpassing personal beauty, it also brightens a space and increases its perceived depth. As long as it is placed well and sized properly, the lighting and dimension provided by a mirror can make a humble house feel like a luxurious home.

At Smitty’s glass, we custom-make mirrors with passion and precision. Our meticulously crafted mirrors go beyond aesthetics, enhancing mental well-being by adding a breath of fresh air to any environment. We love to see just how much we can open up a home—helping the lives that happen inside it to open up too.

bathroom mirror with custom wood trim

Tailor-Made Mirrors that Reflect Your Taste

Our experienced team can cut any mirror to your exact specifications, adding a unique touch to any room. Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms— We have uplifted the atmosphere of countless homes with our custom mirror work by:

  • Opening up hallways
  • Embellishing dining rooms
  • Bringing a more inviting feel to front doors
  • Highlighting family playtime in living rooms
  • Adding function and comfort to desk areas
    Reflect gorgeous views, doubling their effects
  • Boosting the beauty and functionality of bedrooms
  • Fitting odd spaces with sizes that cannot be found in stores

Precise Craftmanship for Peace of Mind

When we craft any given piece, we take both size and placement into consideration. Whether you want your mirror to span an entire wall or accent a small nook, we will bring your vision to life and ensure it is as functional as possible.

Smitty's Glass Always Goes for Gold

At Smitty’s Glass, our priority is your satisfaction. Through customized mirrors and glass work, we aim to brighten your everyday life—improving the lighting, dimension, and functionality of your home. We work diligently to ensure our craftsmanship not only lives up to our customers’ expectations but exceeds them. 



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