Every business strives to be the best at what it does﹘to be otherwise is to give your potential customers reason to go elsewhere for your services. For us, Smitty’s Quality Glass represents the absolute finest in custom glasswork installation in the state of Utah, bar none. Why strive to be the very best in such a niche market? Because our customers deserve excellence, especially when quality is literally on full display for every person who looks through a pane of glass. And because every home, business, shower, or vanity is a chance to express the values that make us who we are: that we sweat the simple stuff, because “simple” doesn’t mean “unimportant.” 

bathroom renovation glass shower


If Smitty’s has a flagship service, it would be custom shower enclosures. Whether your shower is framed or frameless; standard size or uniquely designed; paned with transparent float glass, translucent obscured glass, or any type of finish you want, we will see your vision realized. 


One often forgets just how much glass exists in our home or business that’s not connected to an outside-facing wall. By taking a brief look at all the glass found inside the building, from custom mirrors to custom glass cabinetry to gym walls to tables, one can see an example of all the work we do.
Bathroom custom cabinets and mirrors
commercial glass walls


Glass is wonderfully diverse, and to those who own a home or business, it’s also incredibly important. From store-front panes to high-rise window installations, Smitty’s knows that for many, glass is the first subconscious impression of a commercial property. Homes too are judged according to their comfort, and the amount of natural light let into a given room. So, let there be light. Smitty’s can help. 


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