Saying Goodbye to Outdated Bathroom Designs

Modern bathroom design with custom shower glass

The evolution of the shower is one of those invisible aspects of society — something that is quietly done without any great fanfare and barely a tacit acknowledgment from individuals who see it for the first time. After all, what is exciting about changing the shower? They’re just cordoned-off areas of our bathroom where we take a few minutes once or twice a day to get clean. 

And yet, it is those purely functional parts of our lives — the things that are used every day but serve a very simple purpose, like a kitchen sink or a WiFi router —  that most benefit from small improvements. Imagine still having to wash in a waterfall or using an 18th Century hand pump to siphon the water up from a basin and through a water tank hanging overhead. Now, Smitty’s Glass is improving shower enclosures in Utah in a whole new way.

It’s Curtains for the Old Design

As time has gone on, a definite evolution of the shower has gone underway. More and more, new homes are doing away with the traditional design that was a hallmark of the post-war American shower of the 20th Century. That is, the standard tub/shower combo, all decked out in fiberglass or acrylic with a curtain hanging from a bar. 

Instead, demand has risen sharply for architects to accommodate a more open, luxurious design for contemporary bathrooms, instead of the drab functionality of a tucked-away space. As such, new bathrooms are beginning to include:

  • A separate shower enclosure
  • A greater emphasis on the use of glass, including custom window installations
  • Heated floors
  • Designer light fixtures
  • His and hers vanities
  • Separate toilet room

As one of the places that people spend most of their time in the house, especially at the open and close of each day, the bathroom is undergoing something of an identity revolution. At the center of that is the shower.

Crystal-clear Elegance

One of the aforementioned improvements being made to bathrooms is a greater emphasis on using glass. Here is where Smitty’s really shines, being able to spruce up Utah homes with custom glass cabinetry and the newest craze: sliding glass doors for the shower. There are numerous benefits to such a change — ones that make it hard to ever go back.


People come in all shapes and sizes and so do our design dreams. Smitty’s is able to make Utah’s frameless shower enclosures in any way that the client could want. This includes a corner-adjacent shower or one in the center of a wall. And the glass can be of any style, including clear, frosted, or something else entirely.


In traditional showers, one would have to be extra diligent about keeping the bathroom clean in order to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. This would involve cleaners, sponges, post-shower sprays, and lots of time scrubbing. Thankfully, glass doesn’t have those problems. Keeping a squeegee nearby to get rid of droplets is all one needs with a glass enclosure. Even then, at worst you’re dealing with spots and streaks, not a disgusting and toxic mess.


There’s a lot to be said about updating one’s home according to the latest fashion, especially if that fashion improves the feel and attractiveness of the home. Just like installing another window installation in your bedroom or kitchen, a sliding glass door for a frameless shower enclosure accomplishes a lot, such as:

  • Raises the value of the house
  • Makes the room feel larger by taking up less space
  • Creates a sense of openness by being able to see through the shower instead of just presenting another wall
  • Allows for more light in the room

If you’re interested in just what glass can do for your outdated bathroom design, reach out to us at Smitty’s Quality Glass for a consultation on how we can improve the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in the house.