Frameless Showers

The Quality of Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures are the epitome of modern sleekness, effortlessly fitting into any bathroom design. Crafted with tempered glass for superior strength and durability, these stylish showers can handle any amount of wear and tear.

Create an Atmosphere that is Uniquely Yours

When it comes to frameless shower enclosures, there are several types from which to choose. 

Pivot design: If you have a smaller bathroom area, pivot designs provide optimal space-saving options for your space. 

Sliding Doors: For those with more generous room sizes, sliding doors offer plenty of mobility and convenience. 

Neo-angle styles: They fit perfectly in corner spaces while walk-in models give the impression of spa luxury without leaving home. 

Corner versions: They maximize even the smallest areas by providing an efficient solution that won’t take up too much room.

frameless shower enclosure in bathroom

Invite the Sun's Rays into your Bathroom

Frameless Shower Glass doors brighten up the bathroom, inviting both natural and artificial light to illuminate your space. There are more benefits to frameless shower doors:

  • More Light
  • More Space
  • More Functionality
  • Custom Size
  • Low Maintenance


Here at Smitty’s Glass, we craft our Frameless Shower Glass Doors out of the highest-quality tempered glass for ultimate durability and strength. Five times stronger than regular annealed glass, this variety of glass won’t absorb moisture or dirt so it’s always easier to clean. Plus, its resilience against scratches and stains makes it the perfect choice for areas needing additional safety measures.


See What Our Customers Say

Shawn Norton
Shawn Norton
After being jerked around by another company for 3 months. Smitty’s was able to get my shower door ordered and installed within two weeks. I wish I would have gone through them from the beginning.
Lana Bailey
Lana Bailey
Quick and reasonably priced glass repair for a tricky window. Very pleased with the service
c wiils
c wiils
So far, so good. This will be the second time using Smitty's for glass work with recent remodel of our bathrooms.
Paul Gustin
Paul Gustin
I was very pleased with all their service. From the quote to the install. Communication was good and things were taken care of. This was not an easy job either. 2nd story window with no rear access! Thank you!
Lorelei Petersen
Lorelei Petersen
It was nice to find a glass shop in my area that could make my custom glass shelves in a decent amount of time. Great customer service as well.
Lynn Lovendale
Lynn Lovendale
To this point, Smitty's has been professional and punctual. The estimate is reasonable and we're looking forward to having the finished product installed.
Suzanne Jackson
Suzanne Jackson
They are extremely nice and very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Great company
Ellie Isom
Ellie Isom
Their customer service is great! I called to ask a few questions about a glass table and faith was very nice and helpful. I haven't even used their service but they were willing to help with all my questions and gave me recommendations on what to do. Will definitely use this company in the future.


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