The Smitty’s Difference

What is the function of a window? It may seem like an obvious question, but a window serves many important functions. A window lets in light, keeps out the elements, grants or bars access outwardly or inwardly, ventilates a space, and connects us to the world around us. Windows protect us from dangerous elements, but let us admire otherwise inaccessible places and things. For an everyday object that familiar, yet that important, why leave its installation to anyone but an expert? 

Window Installation Done Right

It all starts with the right type of glass. There are numerous types of window glass that could be used, depending on your preference. 

Examples include: 

  • tinted and smoked glass, which add a sense of beautiful obfuscation
  • mirrored glass which uses a special metal sealant to prevent looking in on one side
  • floated glass which creates the thinnest, most beautiful crystalline quality possible
  • tempered glass, which is the strongest glass possible. 

The masters at Smitty’s can do it all. 

Choosing the perfect type of glass for your home is not an easy task, and our team is ready to consult with you on your vision. There are other things to consider when choosing who will handle your window installation. It has been known that when an amateur journeyman installs a window, the home or business owner will discover that the glass has become warped, or that the seal on the window isn’t sure. At best this is an annoyance and at worse a safety hazard. Windows can be expensive enough without needing to worry about a replacement in a few years. 

When you choose Smitty’s to handle your window installation, you can plan on professional work done by experienced masters, from a licensed and insured business. In short, you can plan on quality and safety during the installation, and for years to come.

Shower Glass and the Bathroom

Some of the most exciting home and business design changes have seen their potential reached in the bathroom. From glass walls for the shower and toilet stalls to the all-important vanity and wall mirrors, the bathroom is a glass worker’s laboratory. Make sure to take a look at our gallery to see some of the work we’ve done before, and imagine just how beautiful your bathroom will look once we’ve had a chance to brighten it up with beautiful windows and mirrors.


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