If there is one thing we believe at Smitty’s, the places in which you spend the most time should be the most comfortable places in your life. Studies show that people who spend time in a room with natural light each day are more productive in their work, better at problem-solving, generally feel more creative, and even have an easier time managing chronic pain. By installing more windows in your home or your office, you are investing in feeling happier and more alert, to say nothing of the aesthetic pleasure that a beautiful bay of windows can bring.

At Smitty’s Quality Glass, we want to use our expertise in custom glasswork to help transform each of your rooms into these sanctuaries of wellness. Happily, a little natural light goes a long way and so we can install windows of any size and shape to embellish your home or office, whether it be a grand picture window in the lobby, exquisite transom windows above your doors, or discrete clouded windows in the bathroom. We also specialize in custom glass cabinetry and frameless showers.

Our Pricing

We know that window installation is a crowded market and so we strive to distinguish ourselves by providing exceptional service at reasonable prices. We can handle any job of any size in any building and have built a reputation for efficiency and an eye for detail. When you call for a consultation, our experts will come by the site and provide you with a quote based on the number of panes being installed, their sizes, and how they will be customized according to shape or translucency.

Adding the finishing touches to your home or office shouldn’t feel like an impossibility. Hiring the right team—one that does first-class work with premium materials, faster than the competition—will do more than simply justify the cost but will actually make crossing the finish line a happier experience overall. Give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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