Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2021

Luxury kitchen with custom cabinet glass

Our preferences and tastes certainly change with the times. As bold trends come and go, we are left with outdated kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms that, if not upgraded, will earn a label of “behind the times” from those who enter our abodes. 

When focusing on keeping the home up-to-date, it is important to focus on the areas that both you and guests spend the most time in. Naturally, the kitchen and bathroom are spaces that are most frequented by all and for that reason, are rooms of particular importance. When it comes to the trends surrounding the bathroom and kitchen, your experts in all things glass here at Smitty’s Quality Glass have some insights.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they easy to access and easy to clean, but they also look fantastic. Walk-in showers also create the illusion of a large space though, in many cases, they can take up less space than a normal bathtub. 

When it comes to walk-in showers, the key is to have a quality glass enclosure. It is important to choose custom glass that is both durable and sleek. At Smitty’s Quality Glass, we specialize in shower enclosures and shower glass, providing quality materials and expert installation. For more information, check out our website.

Cabinet Styles

Cabinets provide valuable functionality but are also made to be seen. Your kitchen cabinet choices can make a big difference in the look and feel of the space. According to Martha Stewart, these are the most popular cabinet styles:

  • Traditional. This is perhaps the most formal cabinetry style, often boasting embellishments and carved details.
  • Shaker. This common style is easy to customize and can blend well with either a contemporary or traditional look.
  • Country. This style is a more casual version of traditional cabinetry and usually uses more relaxed materials.
  • Modern. When it comes to the current ‘modern,’ the less detail the better. Modern cabinets are usually solid colored with no loud embellishments.

The traditional, shaker and country cabinet styles often implement custom cabinet class as part of the overall aesthetic. For more information on Smitty’s custom cabinet glass options, click here.

Warm Colors

Though the term ‘warm’ has different meanings to different people, the general interpretation includes reds, yellows and oranges. These colors create the illusion of warmth and appear closer to the observer. Unlike cool colors such as blues and purples, warm colors are usually more visually stimulating. When you choose warm colors, however, don’t go crazy with the brightness. Subtle, earthy shades will do just fine and will lend your space new breath.


When it comes to surfaces such as walls, floors and countertops, there are many fresh new styles breaking into the mainstream. Aside from the obvious stone countertops, wood finishes are growing in popularity. In 2021, expect to see a lot more wood on the walls. Such surfaces greatly compliment custom cabinetry and other decorative features. 

Like wood surfaces, metallic surfaces are trending as well. Metal provides for a smooth, consistent appearance that lends itself well to a more modern aesthetic. Metal sinks and even countertops are great for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Reflective Features

One of the easiest ways to add the illusion of space in your kitchen, bathroom or other space is to incorporate reflective features such as mirrors. Not only are mirrors highly decorative, but they can blend into the space, adding tremendous depth. Mirrors are a sure way to enhance a kitchen or bathroom.

Choose Smitty’s For Your Custom Glass Needs

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