Choosing the Perfect Cabinet Glass

Modern kitchen with custom cabinet glass. home renovation concept.

Homeownership is a rewarding challenge, to say the least. Yard maintenance, keeping the house clean, repairing damages, and staying on top of the mortgage payments are all aspects of what makes up home life as opposed to simply renting. While there is certainly a lot of work involved in keeping the place livable, there is no small amount of joy in transforming the home from something that is merely functional into something that evokes true joy.

As one of the leading providers of custom cabinetry glass in Utah, we at Smitty’s Quality Glass have had the chance to be a part of many people’s journeys as they pull beautiful forms out of functionality. Perhaps the easiest way to capture that change in a way that will be used and appreciated by family and friends each day is in the cabinetry.

Let’s take a look at how we can turn what is essentially a box that holds our dishes into a work of art.

Discovering Beautiful Design

We might be biased but we believe all good design is about how a room or even a piece of furniture manages light and space. This makes glass all the more important. Whether it’s fitting a new frameless shower enclosure or handling new window installations for clients around Utah, we relish the inherent elegance that glass brings.

Picking the Glass

When it comes to the look of the glass itself, the only restriction is your own imagination. We deal in many different types of glass, all of which look beautiful in their own way. A few of the most popular choices include:

  • Textured Glass: This glass sports interesting and sometimes esoteric designs that are either etched or embossed on the glass’s surface. 
  • Tinted Glass: Prefer that your custom cabinetry glass come with some color? Tinted glass makes a big statement by bringing interesting hues into an otherwise monochrome kitchen.
  • Frosted Glass: A spiritual sibling of textured glass, this type of glass foregoes graphic design for a completely etched look. Translucent but not transparent, this glass gives a touch of subtlety to the contents inside the cabinets.
  • Clear Glass: The perfect, crystalline standard. Clear glass is timeless for a reason and looks good everywhere.

We have serviced many different Utah homes with shower enclosures done in a similar fashion. If you’re curious about your options, a quick consultation with our team will answer all your questions.

Working Within Boundaries

Setting glass into a cabinet is much like the window installations we do in Utah: the glass is beautiful all on its own but it’s equally important in how it plays with its frame. What turns a window, or a mirror, or a cabinet into a showstopper as opposed to a simple accessory is thoughtful design

No matter the design of your cabinets, whether they are custom-made or antique pieces inherited down the family line, our professionals can cut and fit glass into any shape or recess. As such, Smitty’s is the preferred choice for people who are deep into building as well as restoring their furniture.